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spay/neuter How can you estimate the number of cats in your area?

I looked into formulae for this and found 11 for owned cats and 3 for feral cats. Most are based on the number of households, some on the number of people, and two on shelter intake. The resulting range for the US is 44,200,498 to 95,796,618 (maximum is over twice the minimum) for owned cats, 21,075,256 to 57,613,401 (maximum is almost 3 times the minimum) for feral cats.

In “Methods used to estimate the size of the owned cat and dog population: a systematic review” by Martin J Downes, Rachel S Dean, Jenny H Stavisky, Vicki J Adams, Douglas JC Grindlay and Marnie L Brennan ( the values from two different AVMA studies are given as 59,100,000 and 74,059,000.

This paper also include the results of a phone survey done for two Indiana Counties: Marion = 94,998 (74,348 to…

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