The Monsters Among Us


Please Sign to bring justice to this Donkey that was dragged  by a man from his car on purpose and just for the “fun” of it:

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In a vicious act of animal cruelty a man managed to tie a donkey to his car and dragged him by for more than 3 kilometers. The incident occurred in the village Tres Barras, in the municipality of Graccho Cardos, Sergipe region, Brazil.

The perpetrator was identified as 67-year-old Celso Ferreira, who claims he tied and abused the donkey just for fun. The donkey could not survive all the heavy injuries it sustained and eventually died. Although local police immediately arrested the man, it appears he is very well connected, as the mayor inexplicably ordered his release.

As deputy captain Samuel Barreto recalls: “We were happy to apprehend the individual in record time. In just short notice however, I received a…

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