Please sign this petition and also share the petition with others. Animal Rights activist Maria Sanchez deserves all our help and support.

The Monsters Among Us


BY: Petition Victoria Ansaldo
TARGET: Mayor, Governor, District Attorney Senator of Ca , Directors of that division in California.

About this Petition

We want the immediate firing of Debi Shuker of San Bernadino City Shelter in Ca. She has shown numerous , blatant disregard for the animals in her care. No vet care and retaliatory killing of 11 innocent animals yesterday when everyone contacted the Mayor in regards to a sick dog that languished for days without vet care when she promised a vet would see the dog… Another little dog Inky Bink is dead thanks to her.. Little Chi sat with bones exposed for 10 days without medical care and now has died . Yesterday Debi did a mass killing of 11 innocent dogs in retaliation for us calling the Mayor over Sue a very sick dog…
Maria Sanchez was cradling Sue in her…

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