Almost Holmes

Can you identify the Sherlock Holmes story below? Don’t wrack your brain too hard: just read on.

“Any street in London is capable of offering an adventure in human travail,” observed Sherlock Holmes from the window at which he stood looking down into Baker Street. “It is extraordinary what a gamut of emotions the human face is capable of expressing.”

“Whom do you see, Holmes?” I asked.

“A prospective client, I fancy. A woman in her middle thirties, obviously in a quandary, and quite agitated. Having come this far, she is no longer so certain that she wants to go all the way. She may have chosen unwisely; her trouble would appear to be martial, if I can be permitted a long shot.”

I came up beside him and looked down.

“Come, what do you say, Watson? You know my methods.”

A well-dressed woman walked up past the entrance to…

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