Hats off to the Committee members. All of you are real life heroes.

Bless the Bullys

On February 27, the South Dakota House Local Government Committee passed a bill in a 10-3 vote that would bar cities and counties from regulating specific breeds of dog within their borders.  Senate Bill 75  would prohibit ordinances that target specific breeds, but would not prevent cities from enacting ordinances that apply to all animals.  The bill also recommends ways for cities to deal with vicious animals by addressing owners and individual animals.

If you recall, in debating the bill in the Senate, even the South Dakota Municipal League, which offered testimony opposing SB75, admitted the League agrees with the proponents’ position on the bill and that dogs should be judged based on their behavior, not their breed.  Moreover, the League already discourages cities from enacting breed specific laws, instead urging them to focus on owners and individual dogs.  The League’s opposition to the bill relates to the loss of control on the…

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