Exposing the Big Game

by Christopher Baranowski

Target: Governments of South Africa, Namibia, and Zimbabwe

Goal: End the brutal and inhumane hunting of giraffes for sport.

In many African countries, it is legal to hunt giraffes for sport. Hunters from around the world pay up to 15,000 dollars just for the chance to kill one of these animals. Despite declining giraffe populations, these African countries claim that hunting can be profitable for the government and citizens and that giraffe populations can be sustainably managed. But the continuation of this brutal practice only perpetuates the idea that these animals are a commodity and encourages illegal poaching. End the hunting of giraffes for sport today.

Hunters from countries like Russia, the United States and Germany pay thousands of dollars for plane tickets to countries like South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe where hunting of giraffes is still allowed. Game parks charge trophy fees for killing the animals…

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