Dogpaddling Through Life

Many dog lovers are up at arms about the dog cull in Sochi. But the killing of animals has long been associated with major sporting events.

Remember in 2012 when stray dogs were killed in Ukraine before the Euro 2012 Soccer Championship? Dogs were poisoned with bait food or killed by blowgun syringes loaded with dithylinum. Both means of death were agonizing for the animals. 

And they die after major sporting events as well. Do you recall the Whistler sled dog cull of 2010? Robert Fawcett killed 56 sled dogs under orders from the owner of Howling Dog Tours Whistler Inc. Apparently the dogs were no longer needed after the Olympics were over, and since the vet wouldn’t euthanize healthy dogs, Fawcett did by slitting their throats.

Sometimes the killing of the animals IS the sporting event. In the Central Midlands of Australia they’re gearing up for the West Midlands Group’s Vermin…

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