Cetacean Inspiration

Most pro-captivity activists are in favor of SeaWorld’s breeding program and are opposed to wild capture. But does anyone REALLY know what SeaWorld’s captive breeding program involves? (Warning: graphic images and descriptions to follow…)

It’s no secret that SeaWorld artificially inseminates their cetaceans. The males are trained to present their penis to be manually stimulated by trainers until ejaculation. The ejaculate is then collected, frozen and stored for future use. The insemination procedure for females involves the insertion of an endoscope, a catheter, and the sperm directly into the uterus. This method for captive breeding has resulted in 35 calves across 5 different species. One document  (published 2010) could shed light on the subject of SeaWorld’s captive breeding program, revealing some dirty details. Here are a few odd and sickening facts about the program that you may want to check out:

1. SeaWorldhas worked in conjunction with beluga hunts in order to obtain wild beluga…

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