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OC Comment: This is what happens when welfare supersedes abolition – the replacement of “very cruel” with “less-cruel-but-still-highly-cruel”. People believe the animals are well-cared for and, rather than adopting a vegan diet to save animals, they inaccurately believe that well-cared-for animals are okay to be consumed. Welfarism is not the solution: it perpetrates cruelty and saves no animals. Even cage-free claims are grossly overstated. Animals in these environments are impossibly crammed together and have no room to move; it is just as cruel, but the welfarists, again, rather than embracing a vegan lifestyle to save animals, instead believe that the “cage-free” animals have a cared-for existence and choose to continue committing a cruel diet. Simply, however, despite the cruel conditions animals endure prior to death, they are still SLAUGHTERED. Killing can never be humane regardless of definition, spin, or label.

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On 1st January 2012 battery cages…

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