The ocean update

whalesharkJanuary 27th, 2014. Hong Kong environmental group Wildlife At Risk has just released a report on a whale shark slaughterhouse in China’s southeastern Zhejiang Province. A 4 year investigation has revealed that 600 whale sharks are killed there each year. The whale shark is listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List.

The factory is located at Pu Qi township, near Wenzhou and at least 600 whale sharks are killed each year to be processed into fish oil health supplements (Ed Sibylline : Omega-3 Capsule ?).

In a joint-statement released today, Alex Hofford and Paul Hilton of WildLifeRisk said : “We went to Pu Qi three times in the last three years, and on each occasion the scale of the slaughter was truly staggering.

“How these harmless creatures, these gentle giants of the deep, can be slaughtered on such an industrial scale is beyond belief. It’s…

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