Bless the Bullys

We learned in November that the Baker City, Oregon city council created an advisory committee to research and draft  a dangerous and vicious dog ordinance in response to a fatal dog attack.   The advisory committee, which included members of the police department, city staff, and citizens, ultimately drafted two proposals for the consideration of city officials.

One proposal declared “pit bulls” as potentially dangerous dogs, while the second  called for a hearing officer (or court) to hear and weigh evidence before declaring a dog dangerous, no matter its breed.

With the exception of the breed specific language, the two proposals were extremely similar and very comprehensive.   You can read our previous post for more specific details of the ordinance, including identifying dangerous behaviors, addressing problem dog owners, and the restrictions applied to dogs determined dangerous based on their behavior.

At the city council meeting on December 10, 2013, the council members, along…

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