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Amid the growing backlash facing SeaWorld, the abusement park turned to Groupon in a desperate attempt to increase attendance by slashing ticket prices. Since the release of Blackfish—which led eight musical acts, including Willie Nelson and the Barenaked Ladies, to cancel their SeaWorld concerts—numerous publications, including the Los Angeles Times, have condemned SeaWorld. Unless Groupon wants to be associated with a delusional company that refuses to update its archaic and cruel business model and condemns orcas to small concrete pools for decades, the company needs to terminate this deal immediately.

Twenty–five orcas died in SeaWorld facilities between 1986 and 2010—an average of nearly one each year—and not one died of old age. Celebrities, investors, and other SeaWorld supporters can no longer hide from the facts—SeaWorld is responsible for denying dozens of sentient marine mammals everything that is natural and…

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