I’ve written about the alarming number of animals who reportedly die in their cages at the Bulloch Co pound in GA.  The Statesboro Herald recently ran a piece detailing the cost to taxpayers for the animals the pound kills:

Bulloch County spent $52,878.33 of taxpayer money from Jan. 1, 2011, to Oct. 29, 2013, euthanizing 4,379 animals[.]

From a fiscal responsibility standpoint, I wonder how taxpayers feel about their money being used to kill so many pets.  Imagine if the pound had adopted out these 4379 animals instead of killing them.  Even if they only charged $3 for each animal, it would represent more than $13,000 in revenue for the county instead of the nearly $53 grand spent on the drugs used to kill them.

The paper talked to pound manager Wendy Ivey about the killings:

But Ivey said that the number of animals the shelter has had to…

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