Please pray for DeDe.

Dogpaddling Through Life


For the few short years we’ve spent together, you have been a constant reminder of all that is good and right in the world. You are kind, caring, and perpetually happy.

I’m the polar opposite of all that you are. I’m flawed, jaded, and often angry.

When I took you to the vet Friday, I had no idea I was going to learn that you may have cancer.

There have been significant health scares before. From the lick granulomas we struggled with for over a year, to the Cushing’s scare, the diabetes insipidus, and then arthritis.

But this time the news wasn’t at all good. The cells from the tumor don’t look normal. There’s apparently a second mass on the underside of your tail, and possibly a third. Getting the sample was painful for you, and I can see even more today that your leg bothers you. You won’t even…

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