Anticipating this movie was a real disappointment, because it was like a Greek, or Russian tragedy.  The story was downtrodden and depressing.  Not that every movie has to have a happy dappy ending, but boy after this flick, the audience should have had a dose of happy gas.

Two brothers, are struggling to make ends meet, working in a steel town that was once booming, but since steel is cheaper to get over sea’s, it has caused little to know jobs in the area.   The older brother, Russell, Bale, is content to work in the steel mill, and the other, Rodney, Affleck, is not.  With their father dying of cancer and jobs being scarce, Rodney, decides to box in bare knuckle fights to get by.  As the sympathetic Russell tries to help the younger financially, he gets himself into a bad situation, and ends up in prison…

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