Nandhini AnandhanNandhini Anandhan, a young girl who cares for the society on various facets and fighting for good causes especially she is an activist who fights against TASMAC the liquor shop monopoly run by the Tamilnadu Government across the state. One among many profiles on Facebook you can find with Che Guevara’s photo as a profile picture.

In the line of Anna Hazare, Nandhini a law pursuing student has led a few hunger strikes demanding the shutdown of TASMAC. She is concerned about the lives of people who get addicted to alcohol and families who lost their beloved ones because of this addiction to drink.

She has written a letter claimed to be sent to the Current CM of Tamilnadu J. Jayalalitha, the then CM M. Karunanidhi and also addressed it to the public cum social media. This letter is going viral on FB now. In that letter she has made…

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