Humans can learn so much from other living beings.

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Benevolent – definition: marked by or disposed to doing good

There are many people, past and present, who have changed the course of conflict but today I am concentrating on the natural world and partnerships between different species. The correct name is  commensalism, which means one organism benefits and the other organism isn’t harmed by the partnership. It is a matter of conjecture how these partnerships began but once you realize the benefits for both partners it is obvious.


Impalas enjoy the ministrations of ox-pecker birds, whose name describes their role exactly. They peck off unwanted and irritating flies and ticks. In doing so the birds have plenty to eat without having to fly great distances and the impalas are freed of the parasites, which can carry diseases.

Ox-pecker birds and other similar breeds perform this duty on many animals around the world.

clown fish

Another mutually beneficial relationship is between clown fish…

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