The Happy Days at the Pet Adoption Center


When the Great Dane Lily lost her sight, her future seemed equally dark and bleak. However, no one would have expected that her partner Madison would quickly took on the task of “Guide Dog for a Blind Dog.” As long as Madison was by her side, Lily looks like any other normal dog. 

Lily turned 6 on 2011, Due to un-repairable damages from Trichiasis during her cub years, she has had to continue living relying on others for guidance, and this was when 7 years old Madison became her assistant. 


Manager at the adoption center, Louise Campbell commented, “Even though Madison has never had official training, when she guides Lily, it’s as if she’s a professional guide dog for the blind. Madison will always stay close to Lily and constantly have body contact with her so she knows where to go.” Campbell…

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