Hats off to Waunakee officials for taking the right decision.

Stop BSL

Waunakee officials repealed their long-standing breed ban this week.

The issue was brought up by a resident when they were told their dog is banned under the ordinance after a neighbor complained because the dog barked at him while being walked.

The family had enlisted the help of The Lexus Project, with the intention of challenging the ordinance if the council refused to act.  Waunakee’s law was a particularly badly written one, which would not have been upheld in a court.  There were due process issues, identification issues and protocol problems the city would have had to defend.

Rather than running into costly litigation, officials repealed the ban, though they cited several different reasons for the change to remove the breed discriminatory language.

Todd Schmidt, village administrator said that, “This is an opportunity not just to remove the ban but to strengthen the ordinance as it exists.”

There are existing laws…

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