564071_639840512705273_1640745443_nIf you have been reading this blog you know that the BiH Parliament is planning to change the existing Animal Protection and Welfare Law to allow ‘euthanasia’ of dogs held in shelters for more than 14 days without adoption (see our other posts if you think this is an effective means to curb stray populations, and what it really means – killing by horrifically inhumane methods (cheaper) and a reason to cover up continued corruption in state shelters where a continued influx of dogs means more money laundering).

1381160_10202424022544668_909629795_nThe proposal for these changes to the Animal Protection and Welfare Law was legislated in the first reading in House of Representatives of Parliamentary Assembly last night, October 28th. 18 representatives were for changes to the Law, and 12 representatives were against changes of the Law. 11 representatives were not present at the session of House of Representatives.

Further amendments can be proposed…

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