Yet another case of animal cruelty.

The Monsters Among Us


A Syracuse, N.Y., woman is charged with several counts of animal cruelty after a disturbing discovery was made in the attic of a home that she used to rent, reported Wednesday’s

On Oct. 11, one week after tenant, Melani Freeman, 40, vacated a house, 2426 E. Genesee St. Syracuse, N.Y. her landlord, Walter Scammell, discovered an emaciateddog chained to a pipe in the home’s attic.

The dog, dubbed “Coco,” by her rescuers, was tethered on a short leash and had no access to food or water. The skeletal dog was taken to the CNY SPCA where a veterinarian determined that she was 25 pounds underweight.

Freeman claimed that Coco was placed in the attic because the dog was sick, but aside from being starved, veterinarians did not find a malady which would have caused her emaciated condition.

Coco is slowly recovering at the SPCA, where staff have…

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