531970_10202233846710391_1820098175_nUPDATE: 21 OCTOBER sadly Donna lost the fight. R.I.P. beautiful girl. Your last days were full of warmth and love. I’m so sorry we did not find you sooner.

If you have been reading this blog recently you will know that Jelena Paunović and animal activists are visiting and documenting the horrific conditions in the so-called ‘shelters’ of Bosnia-Herzegovina in order bring a report to parliament. They barely have funds to pay for petrol to visit these shelters, but it’s impossible for them to ignore the plight of these dogs and not try to save them.

The dog above was found in Doboj shelter, lying in her own excrement, in the filth that is the ground all the dogs there must live in. She is just a bag of bones and she is unable to walk or stand.

When activists inspected her closely, they saw her immobile hindquarters being eaten…

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