Recommended read for fans of the movie “From Dusk Till Dawn”.

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During the first part of the entertaining, and genre shifting, 108 minute, Robert Rodriguez (Machete) directed film, “From Dusk Till Dawn,” a viewer would think they would be in for a gritty, action and crime drama movie. At the heart of the mayhem are Seth and Richard Gecko, a pair of outlaw brothers, who are on the run from the Texas rangers and local law enforcement, as well as the FBI. Academy Award and Golden Globe winner George Clooney, (Syriana) playing against type, in a convincing manner,portrays Seth. He is the tattooed, older brother, who calls the shots. Oscar winner Quentin Tarantino, (Pulp Fiction), who also wrote the screenplay for the film based on Robert Kurtzman’s (Predator) story, is cast in the role of Richard Gecko, a psychotic sexual deviant. As an aside, Tarantino was originally going to direct the film, but decided against it in order to concentrate…

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