Stop BSL

Officials from the city of Boston have been fighting the state to reverse the prohibition on breed discriminatory legislation that was passed on the state level last year.

Councilman Rob Consalvo was one of the people pushing Senate Bill 969, along with Mayor Menino.  Councilman Consalvo decided to run for Mayor this year and was endorsed by Mayor Menino.  There were concerns in the animal welfare community that, should Consalvo win, he would continue to try to bring back Boston’s breed discriminatory law.  It is no secret that Mayor Menino had sworn to pursue the issue as long as it took to reinstitute the defunct breed based law, and the Consalvo was supportive of that.

For the Boston Mayoral primary the top two candidates advance to the election. Out of 12 candidates, Consalvo squeezed 8% of the votes in the primary, putting him in the bottom of the list of candidates.

The two men who will…

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