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On an operation to arrest poachers, senior Zimbabwean game ranger Maxwell Bowa shot and killed suspected poacher Lenna Nkosana in the line of duty, and apparently in self-defense.

Zimbabwe is currently facing an unprecedented spike in elephant poaching, and the country’s rhino population is down to a fraction of what it once was a few decades ago, when it was home to the largest number of black rhino in Africa. The fact that a senior ranger from the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority currently engaged in a losing battle in the Poaching War has been sentenced to be hanged smacks of possible deeper, sinister motives at play in Zimbabwe’s judicial system.

Zimbabwe has not carried out any death sentences since 2005 when armed robbers and convicted murderers Edgar Masendeke and Stephen Chidhumo were hanged. How can the Zimbabwe justice system even consider Maxwell Bowa…

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