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This month, as a countdown to Halloween, blogs from Robbins Realm will feature reviews of either horror or supernatural films, or will spotlight individuals who have made an impact in these genres. This will mark the second annual October that I am doing this. This first review is about one of the most iconic films the horror genre has ever produced, “Rosemary’s Baby.”

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The highly suspenseful and psychological film was written and directed by BAFTA, Golden Globe, and Oscar winner Roman Polanski (Chinatown). Premiering on June 12, 1968, the 136 minute movie was the director’s American film debut. He took the source material for the film directly from best selling author Ira Levin’s 1967 novel of the same name.

Mia Farrow (The Purple Rose of Cairo) portrays, in a completely believable manner, the good natured, but easily influenced, waif-like, Rosemary Woodhouse. She and her struggling actor husband, Guy, in…

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