xx302728_4893731623924_789039656_nAnimal welfare activists have informed us that Hreša is ‘open for business’. If you have read the other posts on Hreša and other ‘shelters’ in Bosnia Herzegovina you know what this ‘business’ means.


And more ‘shelters’ in the country have been visited and documented, Bratunac and Trebinje. Like other shelters conditions are entirely unsuitable and contravene the existing animal welfare law in Bosnia Herzegovina which states that dog shelters have to provide proper care of the animals in the shelters, including proper vet care. For a full translation of the existing law, please download this PDF.

As always, the shelters are situated in out-of-the-way places, hard to find and on or near landfills and garbage heaps; the dogs are thin and hungry and without proper shelter or warmth for the coming winter. Generally there is no food or water seen, nor anyone to actually take care of dogs or to guard the shelters (remember…

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