Fight for Rhinos

DSCN1743I attended my first circus protest recently.

The wind blew hard, it was chilly, my hands hurt from clutching the sign so hard. Twice I dropped my pamphlets and hurried to collect them before they blew away. Armed with kid-friendly stickers and in constant motion, I tried to make myself available to anyone who made eye contact.

I wanted to beg them not to go, don’t buy tickets, don’t support the cruelty. I wanted to say “If you get a ticket, you might as well get a bullhook too and take your turn beating the elephants” I wanted to tell the kids the circus is mean to the animals.

But I didn’t. I killed them with kindness instead. I nodded, smiled, and handed out coloring books and flyers.

A few thanked me. Some avoided me like I was the threat, one man shook his head.

But the funny thing was-all…

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