Dogpaddling Through Life

I have heard many people say they love their animals more than they do most people.

I feel that is a problem, because I don’t think we’re going to find solutions to our animal welfare problems until we begin to care more about people.

A recent blog post circulating the animal loving blogosphere was an open letter to a person who “dumped” a 12-year-old dog at an animal shelter. Perhaps you read it. The writer was blaming the dog’s former owner, Jean, for not trying hard enough, for not being a good dog owner like the writer is. See? Why can’t you be like me?

What I saw was a frustrated animal welfare worker who is doing what most of us do when we’re in pain- we lash out. But in that moment of frustration, the writer also made judgments about a person s/he doesn’t know anything about.

And because…

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