Bless the Bullys

The city of Yakima, Washington banned pit bulls in the city limits in 1987.  Like all breed specific ordinances, it is difficult, if not impossible to enforce, and after 26 years, animal control officers continue to seize pit bull-type dogs because they are in the city illegally.

Yakima has a dangerous dog ordinance which deems dogs as “dangerous” based on their behavior and actions.  The generic DDO allows animal control officers to restrict dogs that have shown signs of serious aggression, and the dogs that behave the most dangerously can be confiscated.  But even this ordinance is rarely used, and the four animal control officers say they are hard-pressed to keep up with strays and pit bulls.

Dogs found running-at-large and determined to be “pit bulls” are confiscated immediately and turned over to the Humane Society of Central Washington in Yakima.  When a “pit bull” is seized by animal control on…

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