Fight for Rhinos

Things continue to get interesting in efforts to save the rhino. This time the South African government’s plan to aide in rhino conservation  is to sell them.

In the past two years, the Kruger National Park (home to the largest rhino population on the planet), has sold more than 170 white rhinos to private ranches across the country. According to Edna Molewa, the Minister of Environmental Affairs, this is a necessary move to improve the white rhino population by establishing smaller groups in different ranches.

In addition to preserving the species, this generates income for the Kruger National Park.

The current rhino death toll stands at 645 for 2013.  The KNP accounts for 381 of them, despite help from the army, helicopters and drones.

But isn’t a rhino living on a ranch  just as vulnerable to poaching as one living in the park?  In addition, how can the motives…

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