Great article on animal welfare movement. Must read for all animal lovers.

Dogpaddling Through Life

I’m tired of animal welfare advocacy.

I’m tired of the drama. Animal welfare advocacy is emotional overload. Act now or this animal dies! We need your help! We can’t do it without you. Make a donation today! Day after day, year after year, the message remains the same.

I’m tired of the focus not being on the real problem. We don’t have BSL laws because pit bulls are mean. We have BSL laws because humans are mean. And lazy. And foolish. And uneducated. So we fight to have those laws passed or overturned. How about instead pushing for programs in schools and daycare centers teaching kids how to property treat and care for animals?

I’m tired of the in-fighting. PETA wants all or nothing and don’t like HSUS’s piecemeal approach. They also stand against other groups on issues of companion animals. No Kill Nation is against everybody. Did their leader…

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