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Premiering at the San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain in September of 1975, “Dog Day Afternoon” is a mixture of the genres of crime and drama. The critically acclaimed 125 minute movie was helmed by Golden Globe and honorary Oscar winner, Sidney Lumet (Network). Frank Pierson (Presumed Innocent) based the script on a 1972 Life Magazine article about an actual bank robbery, entitled “The Boys in the Bank,” which was co-written by P.F. Kluge and Thomas Moore. Pierson’s script won him the 1976 Academy Award for Best Writing, Original Screenplay.

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The film centers on two men, who are holding eight people hostage on a sweltering, New York day as the result of a Brooklyn bank robbery gone awry. The reasons for their actions are not made clear initially, leaving one to speculate that the heist is entirely greed based. Al Pacino (The Godfather), who has won the Oscar

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