touch of home

This is the hardest post I have ever made and hopefully ever will. My Lexi crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday, 9/6/2013. She went to sleep peacefully in her bed with her favorite toy surrounded by love and family. Part of her ashes will be scattered at dog beach, our favorite place. I have several nicknames for her Lexi, Sexy Lexi, Golden Girl and Bright Eyes. I called her Lexi and Sexy Lexi mostly.

Saying Good-bye

I said good-bye to Lexis’ physical body but not her spirit. As I was standing outside waiting for her to leave this earth, I was sending her love and trying to send Reiki (spiritual energy). You should be ‘centered’ to send Reiki, I was anything but centered. Reiki also helps animals transition-pass on. Then I felt a peaceful unexplainable feeling wash over me. I felt a different kind of energy, I thought she was given…

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