Some real life wisdom from DeDe.

Dogpaddling Through Life

Oh Dog! DeDe here with another tip to make you look and feel your best.

This week’s tip: You are beautiful.

Last night I was watching TV with Jen, and I found myself asking why the world on TV doesn’t look like the Real World? On TV there seems to be two types of dogs- Goldens and Labs. That’s certainly not the way my neighborhood looks.

The same is true with humans. In our neighborhood are people with all sorts of skin colors, many body sizes, and many hairstyles. While on TV most people are white, thin, and young-looking. And the older people on TV appear to have had some sort of cosmetic surgery.

I want you to hear this message: No matter what you look like, you are beautiful.

You don’t have to be thin to be beautiful. You don’t have to be white to be beautiful. You don’t…

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