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Our Compass

Please note that Our Compass makes no distinction between dogs, cattle, pigs, or geese. All animals deserve to live free from exploitation. This is merely one of those avenues that need to be closed forever.

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SourceLast Chance for Animals & Animal Equality

A few months ago, the Animal Equality Investigation Team in collaboration with Last Chance For Animals, went to China to discover first-hand the plight of dogs exploited for their meat.

We are now collaborating with different organisations in China, such as “Guangzhou Volunteer Center”, working to close down several dog slaughterhouses and markets.

But today, we have some good news to share with you! During our trip, we met a dog who we later named ‘Vita’.

We found Vita at a slaughterhouse in Zhanjiang -one of the thousands of dog slaughterhouses across China. As soon as we arrived, we noticed her pleading…

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