1186986_548069258593306_908943720_nRecently Sarajevo based animal welfare and rescue organisation Andjeo Sarajevo went on a feeding round of strays. They saw this beautiful dog. She has no paw on one of her front legs. They worried about her, as clearly life on the streets would be much harder for her than for a dog with all paws. Along with our group, AWAB Andjeo Sarajevo decided to rescue her, giving her the name ‘Bella’. However, funds are desperately needed as there are several other critical cases, including one dog who was recently found with a severe injury and had to have her hind leg amputated. But we could not leave Bella on the streets to fend for herself (remember that Bosnia is a country where stray dogs are generally considered to be vermin – they are poisoned, shot, tortured).


We have been seeking advice about Bella’s paw, as it is concerning that she…

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