Must read for all animal lovers/activists.

Fight for Rhinos

rhino arrowPeople often notice my rhino tattoo and ask “whats with the rhino?”

To which I reply “I love rhinos. This tat reminds me of my greater purpose, my dream, my goal.  I want to go to Africa, I want to fight poaching.”

Then comes the look – the raised eyebrows, the incredulous expression, the “you’re an odd duck, a nut, a girl whose cheese has slid off her cracker.”

Granted rhinos aren’t a popular topic, there’s no glamour or cute and fuzzy effect about them. Not to mention from a philanthropic perspective, they’re not first on most people’s priority list. (Most global issues aren’t.)

But that’s ok. We don’t all share the same plight in life. Imagine if everyday someone knocked on your door to ask for your pledge to breast cancer awareness, if that’s all they talked about at work, if it was the only topic on the news…

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