1240609_10201971253905735_1378130713_nRecently Jelena Paunović and other animal activists in Sarajevo went on their rounds to feed stray dogs. They came upon a very sad scene, in Jelena’s words:

1234052_10201971263265969_1240033910_nThe whole world knows me as “Jelena who helps animals”. From time to time, there is someone who is “surprised” when I share a post to help people. “Oh my God you are helping people too…”

I am not sure if I am helping them, but as a human being, I can, if nothing else, share other’s people troubles and hope some assistance comes their way.

We visited a few places in the city today. We met new people and new animals. People are as miserable and hungry as their dogs are, but they don’t give up on each other. We visited one Gipsy quarter where we met 15 children who feed stray dogs and cats, in spite of the fact that…

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