(Me, sleeping on a human bed.  All I can say is, I’VE BEEN MISSING OUT!!!)

I’ve been home for three wonderful months.  The shelter days seem like a long time ago.  Everyone says I have made so much progress!  I am proud that they are pleased with me.  Had I not been adopted, I literally don’t know where I would be today.  I don’t know if the shelter has a time limit, and I was there 6 months as it was.  I love my family, and try very hard to be a good dog!

Mom and I woke up really early the other day.  So after everyone else left, we decided to take a little rest – Mom in her bed, and me on my bed.  I was really exhausted and fell asleep a lot faster than Mom.  I started having an absolutely horrible dream about the past, in the…

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