Please help stop unscrupulous people from using Instagram to sell live animals.

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Instagram, used by 130 million people worldwide, is playing host to the buying and selling of unwanted animals for pets, slaughter and ritual sacrifice, and in doing so is encouraging and promoting widespread animal abuse.

The popular and trending hashtag #forsale throws up more than 1 million results, most of which are completely innocent such as clothes, shoes and other second hand goods, but riddled among the listings are thousands of live animals being offered for sale.

From household pets and exotic animals like snakes and turtles that require specialist care to sheep and goats intended to be sacrificially slaughtered for birthdays and events, Instagram is turning a blind eye to this atrocity when they clearly have full knowledge of its development.

What is supposed to be in Instagram’s own words “a beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends and family”…

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