Project: African Rhino

We don’t usually publish other people’s work on this blog, but we felt strongly that photojournalist Karl Ammann’s article about the conspicuous consumption of rhino horn ‘bling’ in China and Vietnam, with its revelations of a worrying new end-use for horn, should be broadcast as widely as possible. Karl is one of the world’s leading campaigning wildlife photojournalists, well-known for his work on the bushmeat trade, and more recently rhinos. He kindly agreed to allow us to reproduce his article below.

So your latest model Ferrari is parked in a prominent spot outside the top five-star hotel in the capital. You are meeting friends for a drink and since it is pleasantly warm you wear a short sleeve shirt so there is no way they can miss the golden Rolex on your left wrist – they will know it is the real thing. But what about your right arm? Maybe a rhino horn bangle worth the…

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