Yet another family is let down by the regressive animal shelter system. Their pet dog is killed within 24 hours, much before they could have saved him.


A beloved family dog named Rosco got lost last month in Colbert Co, AL.  Owners Mary and Keith Bullington began looking for him immediately, including bringing his photo to the local pound to inquire about him.  Colbert Co pound staff told the Bullingtons that they didn’t have Rosco and had not seen him.  Staff did not scan Rosco’s photo or take a lost dog report.

The next day, the Bullington’s son saw Rosco’s picture on the pound’s Facebook page and alerted his parents.  The owners again visited the pound and told the staff Rosco was there because his photo was posted on Facebook and they wanted to take him home.  Instead of being given their pet, the Bullingtons got the runaround from staff for a full hour.  One worker got upset, saying she couldn’t talk to them right now and left.  Another told them Rosco had been placed in a…

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