An Animal Advocate

Did you know that:

* there are now 162 communities (representing 500 cities and towns) that are No Kill communities, and are saving 90% to 99% of all animals?;

* in Sept 2009, the international, No Kill expert, Nathan Winograd, assessed BARC and wrotea 196 page report detailing exactly what BARC need to do to stop shelter killing, yet BARC/city of Houston leadership has ignored most of it?;

* the Save Rates at Houston’s animal control i.e. BARC have DECREASED every year for the last 3 years and was only 42% in 2012?;

* in 2008 and 2009, Annise Parker promised to do everything in her power to transition Houston to a No Kill city?;

* YOUcan help stop the madness?

dog in cage

Together, we can bring an end to shelter killing in our city.

Will you take some time out of your day to help…

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