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Raging Bull

List compiled by Eddie on  26/07/2013

Making his mark with his foray into the Mean Streets of New York in 1973, everyone’s favourite bushy browed Italian film director Marty has become an undisputed cinematic treasure.

With 1 Best Director Oscar (plus 6 other directing nominations) to his name Marty has received just rewards for his many years on top in the film industry, working with a fantastic variety of the best of the best including standout collaborations with Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio and Joe Pesci.

Scorsese’s catalogue of films ranging from biopics, documentaries and gangster epics makes for some impressive viewing, therefore picking a top ten favourite list was hard work indeed, but here it goes!

10. Hugo (2011) –

Scorsese’s love letter to the birth of cinema is a charming and inoffensive joy ride. Featuring some fantastic sets and imagination come to life Hugo is one of the…

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