Please consider going vegan and save farm animals from unnecessary torture in slaughterhouses.

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Editor’s Note:Although Temple Grandin is referenced as an expert in the “humane” treatment of animals, OC adamantly disagrees with such a distinction. No animal, human or non-human, can be characterized as treated humanely if killed violently, exploitatively. The only humane observance is veganism; if you think otherwise, then you have no problem with the deliberate, premature, and bloody murder of human animals as long as they get knocked in the head 50 times out of 100.

Ten billion animals are killed annually for food, just in the United States, and that figure does not include marine, testing, and fur victims. Ten billion. There are no humane standards; the Animal Welfare Act specifically EXCLUDES animals commodified for food. Think about that.

Please understand that the animals about whom you may care – cats and dogs – are no different than animals you eat. Please…

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