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Stop BSL

Earlier this year a teenager in Annapolis Missouri found out about the effects of breed discriminatory laws the hard way.  15 year old Bayle Sutton found a dog when he followed her home one day.  Her Aunt and Uncle took the dog in and gave him a home and a name, Patches.  Unfortunately, Patches was a dog that fell under the ban in Annapolis. The family was cited and given 5 days to get Patches out of town.

In an amazing display, a local news station paid for a DNA test on Patches in an attempt to try to get him to stay with his family.  Though the test did not come back in time for the scheduled hearing, the results came in as American Staffordshire Terrier, Boxer and Cocker Spaniel. The results of the DNA test worked against the family in this case, as American Staffordshire Terriers were included…

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