Stop BSL

The town of Westwego Louisiana can breathe a bit easier.  Councilman Glen Green, who has been adamantly pushing a breed ban, has pulled the ordinance.

A friend and constituent of Councilman Green’s was severely injured after being attacked by her boyfriend’s dogs, which were identified by the couple as pit bulls.  Early reports quoted Green as saying that he blamed the dogs owner, the victim’s boyfriend, saying he “did not properly take care of his animals.”

In spite of this, Green had been pushing to make Westwego’s current breed discriminatory ordinance into an all out ban.

There had been a lot of confusion about what the proposal actually entailed, with some even claiming that this proposal was not a breed discriminatory ordinance, based on massive miscommunication from some in the area. Westwego’s full ordinance can be viewed here.  It is clear from reading the ordinance that this was a…

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