“Rescue” shelters need to change their name, to reflect the kind of work they do every day.


On a December afternoon in 2012, a black cat named Stella went missing in owner Linda Laucks’ Jefferson City, Missouri neighborhood.  Ms. Laucks contacted the Jefferson City pound the morning after Stella didn’t come home and asked the director if a black cat had been impounded.  The director said no.

Ms. Laucks then sought out a neighbor who had put out a trap for a pair of feral cats she was trying to help.  The neighbor told Ms. Laucks that one day earlier, Stella had been caught in the trap intended for the feral cats and when the ACO came to pick her up, the neighbor had advised that the cat was not feral, not one of the pair she was trying to help and looked like a pet who lived in the neighborhood.  The ACO took Stella anyway.

Ms. Laucks called the pound back and confronted the person who…

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