Yet another instance of animal cruelty. Please spread the word.


Pasco Co, FL pet owner Debbie Patsos had a 10 year old cat named Peggy who had been born with just three paws, causing her to limp.  Ms. Patsos adored Peggy and considered her family.

When Peggy recently got lost and turned up in the garage of neighbor Casey McCarthy, he didn’t know she had a home down the street.  Mr. McCarthy called the Pasco Co pound to pick her up, fearing her limp was the result of a recent injury requiring veterinary care.  He described the cat as friendly and agile.   Mr. McCarthy says when the ACO brought out a carrier, Peggy walked right in front of the ACO and into the cage.

Unbeknownst to Mr. McCarthy, the ACO immediately killed Peggy.  She was dead before she could even be checked in at the pound, let alone scanned for a microchip, have her limp assessed by a qualified…

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